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Industrial Roof Solutions: Coatings, Repairs and Restoration by ER Systems

Restore and Preserve EPDM, Thermoplastic, Thermoset, and Other Membranes

  • Reduces membrane shrinkage, and chalking
  • Multiple chemistry options (Acrylic, Polyurethane, OneStep)
  • Reduces stress on seams, flashing, and penetrations
  • Lowers energy costs
  • Adhesion promoting primers used as needed

Membranes can become brittle, shrink and pull away from curbs, separate seams.

By being proactive and restoring a single-ply membrane before it is too late, allows you to avoid unnecessary and costly tear offs, reduce future maintenance costs, decrease heat transfer into buildings and therefore, increasing the ROI and life cycle cost of the roof.

Metal Roof Restore

Extend the life of your metal roof at a lower cost than a full replacement. Get the project done fast with fabric-less roof coating systems

  • Longest performing system in the industry
  • Polyurethane fabric-less seam sealer since 1977
  • System bends and stretches with roof
  • Less disruption for your business

Metal expands and contract backing out fasteners, neoprene washers become brittle causing them to fail, and rust can form weakening the panel.

Use ERSystems metal restoration coating technology to address deficiencies and bring your roof to as good as or better than new condition.

Asphalt or Modified Restore

Restore existing asphalt substrates including Smooth BUR and Modified Bitumen

  • Reduce the amount of cracking and deterioration
  • Adaptable to nearly every type of asphalt membrane
  • High-tech stain blocking base coat keeps coating from being yellowed by oils in asphalt
  • Multiple chemistries for “tough” applications
  • Systems may be applied to new and aged asphalt or modified bitumen to provide immediate protection from weather, UV degradation and chemical deterioration
  • Lower the roof temperature, extend the roof life

When aged asphalt roof is exposed to solar radiation and moisture, it leaches out oils and plasticizers that can lead to failure and eventually a costly roof replacement.