Roofing Inspection Contractor In North Alabama

In business since 1974,  Pioneer Roofing offers comprehensive roofing inspection services to residential and commercial customers in North Alabama. 

Do You Need A Roof Inspection?

  • Is your roof installed properly?
  • Has your roof been damaged by a recent hail or wind storm?
  • Would you like to know the true condition of your roof and its life expectancy?
  • Is your roof, chimney, or skylight leaking?
  • Are you purchasing or selling a home and need the integrity of the roof documented?

A roof inspection will answer those and many more questions about the state of your roof, and therefore, is a critical part of home maintenance. Inspections should be conducted annually, or semi-annually if you live in a location that tends to experience weather extremes and dangerous storms.

Roofing Inspection Services In North Alabama

As your contractor, we will examine your roofing structure thoroughly, determine the extent of damage and any problem areas that need to be addressed, and help you figure out the next step in protecting your home, whether it’s simple maintenance, swift repairs, or complete replacement.

Our roof inspection process includes a thorough interior and exterior evaluation of the roof’s structure. The inspection will focus on the condition of the roof surface, exposed flashing, gutters, chimneys, skylights, vents, and valleys. We will also look for possible signs of any structural or sub-surface damage.

Not all roofing issues are obvious, and the absence of drafts or leaks doesn’t necessarily mean your roof is structurally sound. Our knowledge and experience will offer the reassurance you need so you’re not caught off guard when the damage is eventually discovered later.

We’ve been inspecting and repairing roofs for almost 50 years!

Don’t Ignore Your Roof

Roofs are the first line of defense, protecting a home from weather damage, and can take a significant beating with changing seasons. There are many factors that speed up the roof’s deterioration and decrease its longevity: sun, wind, rain, snow, lichen, trees.

A regular roof inspection is the only way to prevent and postpone costly roof replacements which are inevitable if the damage goes unnoticed or is ignored.